El Nino 2014-15

New metris "OUTLOOK" is under production with updated climate model output.

New high spec machine - metris has built a purpose build system for running the mesosale WRF model. 32GB RAM upgradable to 64GB ... and high spec Intel i7 quad core processor (water cooled).

Installing our Mesoscale WRF to run nmm core ... " ... warp speed Scotty"

Forecasts method

metris forecasts are "tell it like it is", not leaving you wundering if it "... well will it rain or not". They aren't drilled down directly off a forecast model. The are crafted by a forecaster that understands local area's from Tuatapere to Kaitaia. This season the addition of fine mesh mesoscale WRF model takes our forecasting to a new level.
Frost forecasts accuracy will be down using hourly forecast data at a 6.1km grid spacing. The noise of surrounding topography will largely be eliminated. This is particularly important in areas like Marlborough and Central Otago.

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New website - adaptive design

The metscape website is be redeveloped with mobile devices in mind. Smart phone/ tablet friendly design is being designed so that forecasts can be accessed in a format that responds to the device being used. Being able to access frost forecasts on your phone ... "how good would that be!"

metris news

The addition of soil data along with 8day rain maps to the metscape forecast is alreading giving insights to the weather and trends. This information will be part of a planned Pasture growth forecast. We can track accurately PET, solar radiation, wind and humidity ... etc needed to model Pasture growth.

- Metris is runing a WRF nmm mesoscale model. What difference will this make? Significantly up-grades the forecast resolutions. Our Global model data is 0.5 degrees (55km) grid. Metris WRF will have operational 6.1km grid over 120hr (5days). Metris also intends to do 1hr interpolation over a shorter period. This will have significant benefits with FROST forecasting.