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NEWS - WRF mesoscale forecast model

A new forecast season is just about on us. The online features of the new website are taking shape. The forecast maproom shows some of the functionality that will be available this season.

22/7/14 - Metris has just run its new Mesoscale forecast model. We have installed a WRF forecast model. Our first simulation was done this week. The nested domain is giving us around a 10km grid over New Zealand.

The model will produce some very useful output covering the first 120hour or 5days of a forecast.

Metris forecasts are unique in that they sit between totally automated, computer driven forecasts and a total hand done approach. We have ownership of the forecasts. The data isnt brought of a third party. The high definition global data we use is of a finer mesh than our competators use

Frost forecasting is an art form. I have developed a language which identifies specific local conditons, such as lee trough drop to describe frost conditions in Wairarapa, also occurs in Mosgiel... . We have superior forecast tools and data that other 'frost specialists' don't have. This provides a real edge in a critical area for growers.


Current weather

A very similar look to the weather later this week with a low developing to the north of the NI. A fresh ENE flow develops onto the upper NI during Thursday. Rain and showers sink slowly over the upper North Island during Friday. The European model is very similar with over runing. Both model development have the blocking high droppign to the E of the South Island.i

New site
The new site will be developed during this month. I expect to launch new model output mid month for preview. A guest login will allow you to browse features ahead of the next season.
Metris HPC

Metris has aquired a number of Dell server blades. We will be setting up a small scale HPC and add to the cluster more computing power to speed mesoscale modeling and produce finer grids. Metris already produces fine mesh using interpolation of HD 0.5degree model data..